About Us

Who We Are

We started our business operations recently, but we have been able to maintain a solid reputation by offering the best quality vending machines for the people in need. No matter what kind of a vending machine you want, you are encouraged to go ahead and purchase them from us.

We provide fully managed vending services. After supplying the vending machines, we will also provide continuous support. Therefore, you can install vending machines and experience what comes along with them, while keeping the peace of mind.

All the vending machines that we offer through TS Vending are manufactured in Japan. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the quality standards of them. These brand new vending machines are designed to provide service to you for an extended duration of time. You don’t need to worry about the reliability of these vending machines. A wide variety of vending machines can be found in the world. Some of them need electricity to operate, while others use mechanical motion to vend. These vending machines are released to the market by different manufacturers under several shapes, sizes, prices and colors. 

They can be found in waiting areas, schools, business places, shopping malls and in bowling alleys. If you are planning to buy a vending machine, you need to have a good knowledge about them in order to stay away from hassle. But when you are approaching us, we don’t expect you to have that much of a knowledge. That’s because we love to educate our clients and make sure that they end up purchasing the best products available out there in the market.


Soda vending machines

It can be considered as the most popular type that you can find in the present world. You can also find snack vending machines, especially in airports, bus stations and colleges. The gumball and candy vending machines provide fun and excitement to the others and it has played an important role behind their popularity. The gumball vending machines are the oldest surviving type of machine available. You can also find tattoo, laundry soap and medical vending machines at different places.


Toy and food vending machines

The carousel vending machines are specifically designed for the use of food venders. The coffee vending machines are powered by the use of an electrical outlet. A combination of soda and snack are also available depending on needs and requirements. There are some business owners, who seek the assistance of capsule vending machines in order to increase their sales. The sticker vending machines are extremely popular among teenagers and kids.

Popcorn vending machines

Even though you cannot see them in public, you will be able to see them in carnivals and fairs. Washroom, milk, deli food and ice cream vending machines are also widely used. Sometimes you can even see cigarette vending machines, especially in restaurants. In these cigarette vending machines, the usage is restricted in order to keep underage buyers away from it. The development of technology has given life to video game and water bottle vending machines as well.

Customized vending machines

They have the potential to provide unusual products such as tickets, CDs, stationery items, stamps, disposable cameras and many more. These customizable machines are ideal for the supermarkets and shopping malls. However, you need to be careful in order to purchase these vending machines from a trusted supplier like us. We provide a high quality service to you and you will get the opportunity to experience all the benefits provided by a vending machine without any trouble.

Our company is extremely concerned about customer satisfaction. That’s why you need to go ahead with us and get the services that we offer without having a doubt or a second thought in your mind. You will be guaranteed to receive a great overall service and assistance from our experts. Go ahead and take a look at the vending machines that we offer. If you are interested in any of those vending machines, or if you want to get more information about what we offer, simply contact us. We love to help and support our customers when they are trying to make the best decisions. Therefore, you shouldn’t think twice before you contact us and you will be provided with an outstanding service at the end of the day.